Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff Review

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Oh, Darkdawn killed me. I was an emotional wreck reading it. Let’s jump into the review, so I can let my emotional wounds heal. Beware. Spoilers for Nevernight and Godsgrave ahead.

Mia Corvere is on the run after murdering Julius Scaeva at the greatest games that Godsgrave has ever witnessed. Blades of the Red Church and soldiers or the Luminatii are on her trail. Mercurio is in the hands of her enemy and the city is in chaos. Mia, Ashlinn, Jonnen, and a mysterious newcomer must journey across the republic to figure out Mia’s destiny. Truedark is coming and there is much to be done.

My Thoughts on Darkdawn

Darkdawn killed me. Jay Kristoff is the master of torture. I can’t even tell you about it because it would spoil the whole book. All I can say is expect heartache and angst.

The plot of the series developed a ton in this one. When he revealed the quest every unsolved mystery in the other books clicked into place seamlessly. I also loved how the first two books were included in the plot. That’s vague as heck, but it will make sense when you read it. I promise.

Next, let’s talk about footnotes. It’s the elephant in the room. If you’ve read my Nevernight review, you’ll know the footnotes were one of the reasons I stopped reading it the first time. They were confusing and info dumpy, but they got better throughout the series. I came to love them. They were perfect bursts of humor.

Lastly, the ending was not as shocking as I expected from Kristoff, but I was satisfied with it. I’m so sad that it’s over. I’ve enjoyed my time reading this series. It’s definitely a series to remember.

My Rating: 4/5


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