House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas Review

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It’s no secret that I love Sarah J Maas. I was so excited to finally get my hands on House of Earth and Blood, but I was also nervous that I wouldn’t love it. Luckily, I did but it did have a rough start so lets discuss.

Bryce Quinlan had no worries in the world. She worked during the day and partied at night. Tragedy struck when a demon murdered a her best friend. A couple of years later the murders start up again leaving her in the middle of the investigation. Her partner, Hunt Athalar, is not the easiest person to work with. He is a fallen angel who has to deal with his boss’s enemies. During the investigation they grow closer and become great friends. Life is looking up until they discover a dark secret that threatens to put the entire city at risk.

My Thoughts on House of Earth and Blood

The beginning of House of Earth and Blood is so painfully slow. I considered dnfing it, but I was afraid I would miss a great read. There is a lot of info dumping about the hierarchy and frankly it was confusing. About 100 pages in the story started picking up and I was hooked.

The slow beginning is my only true complaint. When I was going back through my notes I wrote down that I thought Bryce and Hunt’s partnership was contrived. That thought became void because Maas tied up her loose ends later in the book. I have learned to trust her process.

The rest of this review is just going to be a gush. Hunt and Bryce are perfect. I love their character development as individuals as well as partners. They have so much chemistry. Bryce is just the perfect character. She is strong willed and determined.

Toward the end of the book there was a plot twist that destroyed my heart. I was skeptical as to how Maas was going to repair the situation. She really went above and beyond. Again, trust the process.

As I have said countless times I have been in a fantasy slump. The inclusion of a murder mystery in this fantasy was a great way to pull me out of that. I would love to see her write a thriller because the plot and mystery were so thought out. I think I am ready to jump back into fantasy after reading this.

My Rating: 5/5

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