Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw Review

My Goodreads Rating: 5 stars

After reading The Wicked Deep I knew I had to pick up Winterwood. I liked it even better than The Wicked Deep.

Deep within the magical woods surrounding the town of Fir Haven lives Nora Walker. The Walker Women have roamed these woods for centuries. This deep connection leads Nora to Oliver Huntsman. He disappeared from a boys camp week ago. He should be dead. Yet he is found by Nora only missing the memory of what happened to him. With mystery surrounding him, Nora knows she has to find the truth of the night he went missing.

Nora is an interesting character. She is a witch who has not found her power. A majority of the book is told from her perspective, but we get sections of Oliver’s perspective to fill us in. Another interesting source of information is the spell book. Throughout the story there are pages of the spell book included to give us the history of the Walker Women.

I knew to expect a twist from Shea Ernshaw. I found myself slightly disappointed when I guess the first plot twist. Little did I know that wasn’t the last. I loved how the story ended with the entry written in the spell book about Nora. This was such a fun atmospheric read that further proves I need more of Shea Ernshaw’s work.

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