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Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Let’s talk about Nevernight. I have a lot of feelings about this one, so let’s jump right into my review.

Mia Corvere narrowly escaped her father’s failed rebellion. Unfortunately, her father wasn’t as lucky. When the Senate executed him, Mia swore revenge. She was left alone and on the run from the Senate that wants to take her life as well. Fortunately, Mia is darkin and the shadows lead her to the door of a retired killer. He took Mia under his wing and trained her for the Red Church. Now she is an apprentice to the Republic’s deadliest assasins. She has two goals in mind, become a Blade of the Lady of Blessed Murder and vengeance.

My Thoughts on Nevernight

If that synopsis sounds like a lot, its because it is. A lot happens in this book. I picked it up back in February, and I was overwhelmed. The world was so different from anything I have ever read. The writing was different as well. The footnotes felt overwhelming and info dumpy. I made it to chapter six and then I put it down. I didn’t think it was for me.

At the start of September, it felt like Nevernight kept calling me. I found another copy that I loved at Barnes and Noble, and for some reason I bought it. When I picked it back up I fell in love.

I was hooked when Mia reached the Red Church. I loved the world building. Kristoff painted a clear picture of what it was like to be an acolyte in a school perpetually shrouded in darkness. The classes were also very interesting. Each Shahiid (professor) and class had it’s own distinct feeling. I felt like I was in class with Mia.

My biggest problem with my first attempt was the footnotes. It felt like they were throwing information at me. I was completely lost. I started to get used to them the more I read. Eventually, I started enjoying them. There was a lot of humor incorporated into the book through them. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition between the witty footnotes and the intense action filled moments.

Kristoff’s wit also reflected on Mia. I loved her. She was witty and determined. And of course, the best part of the whole book was Mr. Kindly. He is so sarcastic and I love it.

Final Thoughts

I loved Nevernight. I had to get used to the writing style, but when I did it was great. Now I have another fandom to join. Nevernight felt like coming home. It rekindled my love of fantasy. Now give me Godsgrave.