2020 Wrap Up

Let’s wrap up 2020. I think we can all say that it’s time for 2020 to end. It’s been one of the hardest years ever. However, I was still very blessed. Things were hard, but God got us through them. But back to books. It was a good reading year. I’ve read the most I’ve ever read, so I want to break down some of my stats. Let’s get to it. Some of these stats are from Goodreads and some I track in my bullet journal.

Number Read

80. My goal was 75. Check out Goodreads to see a list of the books I’ve completed.

Pages Read


Books Bought


Longest Book Completed

Fall of Giants|Ken Follett

985 Pages

Shortest Book Completed

30 Pages

Average Book in Length




Completed Series

  1. The Winternight Trilogy
  2. The Folk of the Air
  3. The Nevernight Chronicles
  4. Northwoods Mystery

So that’s my 2020 wrap up. I really enjoy stats. They are some of my favorite posts to make. I work in finance so that might explain it. Anyhow I would love to see your 2020 wrap up posts. Link them in the comments. I’d love to check them out.

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