City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab Review

I found City of Ghosts at McKay’s in Chattanooga. It wasn’t initially on my radar, but I know so many people who recommend it for Halloween. I decided to pick it up, and I’m glad that I did.

Cassidy Blake’s parents are ghost hunters, but they can’t see ghosts. Cassidy, on the other hand, can. When her parents get sent to Scotland to film their show Cass is dragged along. In Edinburgh, Cassidy is surrounded by ghosts. She thought she was the only one who could see them until she meets Lara. Lara tells Cassidy that as an in-betweener, she has to send ghost on. Cassidy’s new found powers will drag her into a fight she was never prepared for.

My Thoughts on City of Ghosts

I jumped into City of Ghosts knowing that it was middle grade. I didn’t expect to be creeped out, but this book is slightly creepy. Victoria Schwab is a master at her craft. She wove a spook paranormal story that would satisfy kids and adults alike.

I really loved that this book was set in Scotland. It made a perfect setting for this paranormal adventure. It was interesting to see all the real like places worked into a paranormal story. Seeing places beyond the Veil gave us a new and interesting prospective.

The conflict felt a bit simple toward the end, but I expected that from middle grade. The climax was perfect for the intended audience.

I’m glad that I picked this one up, and I’m interested to see where this series ends up next.

My Rating: 4/5


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3 thoughts on “City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab Review

  1. Nice! Glad you enjoyed it… I’m a bit too scaredy cat for paranormal but I’m planning on reading some of V.E Schwab’s. ☺️


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