Halloween Craft: Color Your Own Bookmarks

I have been looking at this book at Target full of bookmarks that you can color. Since it’s $18 I haven’t purchased it. I was thinking that it would be fun if they made a color your own bookmark book (that’s a mouth full) for Halloween, so I went on a search.

Of course, I found what I was looking for on Etsy. There are so many templates for bookmarks that you can color. I specifically searched for Halloween ones, but they have all sorts of them. The ones I purchase were from ColoringWithKristine. The template was only $2.25. I happened to have some cardstock laying around the house, so I printed them on that.

I love having seasonal bookmarks, but I haven’t been many places to purchase them lately. It was a fun alternative to customize my own. I also think it would be a fun activity if you have kids, or even if you have adult friends who like to color. It would also ne a fun little gift to hand out if you have trick-or-treaters. I remember a house gave out a coloring sheet and a small box of crayons one year, and I thought it was the best thing ever.

I know I rambled a little in this post, but I wanted to share this fun activity with you guys. I hope you got some enjoyment out of it. Thanks for stopping in. As always don’t forget to subscribe for more Halloween content! Even if it is a little all over the place, lol.

BAM! Books-A-Million

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