A Few Creepy Covers for Halloween

Covers portray what’s inside a book. I hate to say it, but sometimes I do judge a book by it’s cover. They really set the vibe of the book before you even open it. Here are a few creepy covers that I enjoy.


Creepy covers 4

This cover is almost as creepy as the content. To be such a minimalist cover it really has a big impression. That smile is just unsettling.



Creepy covers 3

Hex is scary. Even though it wasn’t like I expected it to be. Either way, the cover is creepy. The laces represent the laces the towns people used on the witch’s eyes and mouth. You can tell by the picture of the town that something sinister is taking place.


The Shadows

Creepy cover 2

The cover for The Shadows feels ominous. The hand surrounding the kids gives me uneasy feelings. It feels like the kids are being stalked. And the book is as creepy as the cover.



Creepy cover 1

I enjoyed this graphic novel. The art work is great, and represents the story well. It sets an eerie atmosphere for the already creepy story.


So those are a few creepy covers. Have you read any of these?

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