Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff Review

Let’s do a review. It feels like it has been a minute. I am excited to tell you guys my thoughts on Godsgrave. I completely loved it. It is the sequel to Nevernight, so if you haven’t read it I suggest skipping this review.

Mia Corvere is finally a Blade of Our Lady of Blessed Murder, but the leaders of the Red Church think it’s undeserved. She is stuck in the bloody slums of the republic, and is no closer to avenging her familia. Soon an old enemy returns, and it shakes her loyalty to the Red Church.

My Thoughts on Godsgrave

Godsgrave took the series in a direction that I didn’t expect. Though I should have expected it considering it’s literally in the synopsis. The beginning of Godsgrave was a lot like Nevernight. I was slightly confused at first, but then the pieces started falling together.

After things started making sense I could tell the book was taking a turn. I was hesitant because I didn’t know if I would like the change. The distrust that Mia began feeling for the church was a major turning point.

While I did like the turning point, one thing I disliked was the relationship that developed. I can’t stand Mia’s partner. I don’t trust this person. They have no redeeming characteristics. I have strong feeling about this. I hope this character develops in Darkdawn. This needs to be resolved.

Even though I didn’t like the relationship, I did love the rest of the book. Mia is one of my favorite characters. She never ceases to surprise me. Just when I think I have her pegged something changes. Her final battle in Godsgrave was epic. It left me speechless. And that plot twist at the end killed me. I need to get my hands on Darkdawn now!

My Rating: 5/5


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