Spooky Books by Riley Sager

Halloween is a great time for thrillers, and Riley Sager is one of my favorite thriller authors. I have read all his work, and I plan to continue that. Today, I thought I would rank his books in order of my preference.

1. The Last Time I Lied

The Last Time I Lied|Riley Sager

This is the first book I read by Riley Sager, and it still continues to be my favorite. This book is polarizing. A lot of people really enjoyed it, but then some people really dislike it. Personally, I loved it. I love anything set at a summer camp. Also, I loved the formatting of the book, and I loved the ending. It was totally unexpected.


2. Final Girls

Final Girls|Riley Sager

Final Girls almost beat out The Last Time I Lied. I read it right after The Last Time I Lied. It was an interesting premises that followed the lone survivors, or final girls, of horrible mass murders. I loved the main character Quincy. She is a baking blogger, so there are so many yummy treats mentioned. It is set in October, and it is so atmospheric. The mystery is fast paced and well thought out. I completely loved it.


3. Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark|Riley Sager

Home Before Dark is Sager’s newest book. As always, his books are unique. It was an interesting take on a haunted house story. The family that lived there wrote a popular book based on their experience living in, and eventually fleeing, the house. Years later, the daughter moved back into the house, and that is where our story begins. My favorite part is how he incorporated pages of the fictional book into the story to answer the questions that occur.


4. Lock Every Door

Lock Every Door|Riley Sager

Lock Every Door was good, it just wasn’t my favorite. It was set in an apartment building in the city. I prefer creepy woods, but that’s just my preference. A lot of scary things happened in this one. It definitely had the creep factor. The ending was very unexpected. It’s still a great read.


It doesn’t matter which Riley Sager book you pick up it is sure to be great. He still continues to be one of my favorite writers. Now bring on the next book. I think he is publishing a new one in 2021.

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