Camping Weekend Success: Reading Update

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I had the best time camping this weekend. We stayed near Little River Canyon. If you are ever in the area you need to check it out. It is such a pretty place. There are places to swim, hike, and take pictures. Little River Falls is absolutely breath taking.

It was great to finally get to relax. I also spent a big chunk of my time reading. I took two books camping with me. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish either of them, but I almost finished The Stranger Diaries. There are about 60 pages left to read, so I will be able to wrap that up tonight. I have enjoyed The Stranger Diaries. I am interested to see how it wraps up. It is a murder mystery and so far I suspect every character, lol. I need answers.

Camping Weekend

After I wrap up The Stranger Diaries, I am going to jump back into Fall of the Giants. I am about halfway through it. I’m not sure if I will finish it this month, but I’m going to try. It has been a fun read as well. I hope to end July on a high note to make up for lost time this month.

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