Midyear Wrap Up

We have officially made it to the middle of the year. I wanted to take a minute to check in on my goals. June was a slow month, but I think I can keep myself on track to finish out the year. Here is my Midyear Wrap Up.

Number of Books Read

I have read 42 books in the last six months. I have 33 more books to read to complete my goal of 75. This time last year I had only read 30 books. I am definitely proud of increasing my numbers. My goal last year was to read 50 books. I met that goal pretty early on. I wanted to push myself a little this year.

Number of Series Completed and Favorite

So I don’t normally combine this category, but since I’ve only completed one series this one wins by default. I loved the Winternight Trilogy. It will be hard to find a series that I love more than this one. I do want to complete a few more this year. My reading has been all over the place though. It might be a hard goal to reach.

My Favorite of the Year (so far)

This one was a hard choice. It was actually harder than I expected. When I read My Dark Vanessa I didn’t think I would read anything that even compared. But I did, so I decided to list my top three. At the end of the year I will probably do a top five, but right now I only have three that stand out in my mind.

  1. My Dark Vanessa
  2. Where the Crawdads Sing
  3. Naptown Blues

My Least Favorite (so far)

Choosing a favorite was hard. Choosing a least favorite was not. I only gave The Boy from the Woods a 1/5. I haven’t written a review yet because it was the last book I read in June. I hate giving bad reviews, but I was so completely disappointed by this.

So that is my Midyear Wrap Up. I’m proud of the progress I have made. This year has been weird. Focusing on my reading goals has helped keep me motivated. I hope you’ve had a good six months, despite the circumstances. Here’s to hoping that the next six are even better.

What is your favorite book so far?

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One thought on “Midyear Wrap Up

  1. So proud! You’re crushing it! Doesn’t it feel good to be ahead of schedule? Looking forward to your The Boy from the Woods review – I’m always interested in how people write bad reviews and why they dislike books.


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