Tea is a Book’s Best Friend

I’m from the South. I’ve been drinking sweet tea since I have been alive, but I’ve only started drinking other kinds of tea in the past few years. I started drinking it for its health benefits, but I’ve really enjoy trying and experimenting. Here is a list of my top favorites.


Chai tea is a blend of black tea and different spices. It originated in India. It has been known to improve gut health, balance hormones, and strengthen immune systems. To me it tastes like Christmas. It is warm and spicy. I love it with just a little bit of sugar and milk.


Matcha is very controversial. A lot of people hate it. I personally love it. It has such an earthy taste. I’m not brave enough to try making it at home, so I usually get it at coffee shops. Matcha can help boost brain function, help with weight loss, and is high in antioxidants.


Peppermint tea was my first love. I started drinking it when I had bad sinus headaches. It was so comforting that I started drinking it all the time. I drink it plain and strong. My favorite is the Twinings brand.

High Mountain Oolong

High Mountain Oolong is my new favorite. I tried it in Savannah, Ga at The Tea Room. It is a mild, earthy tea with a delicate flavor. It is full of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.

Those are a few of my favorites. What are your favorites? I love finding new ones!

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