Quarantine Reads Review

While we are all quarantined I know a lot of people are taking the time to improve themselves. I was given two self help books to review so I thought now would be a great time to share my thoughts. They might be great Quarantine Reads.

How to Heal: A Practical Guide to Nine Natural Therapies by Jessi Beyer

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health around 7 out of 10 people have experienced trauma. After experiencing a trauma it is not healthy to do nothing, but for some traditional talk therapy is not the best option. This book discusses nine natural healing methods, so hopefully you can find one that is right for you. Also, it is important to note that 50% of the profits from all book sales will be donated to the Pararescue Foundation.

While I have not experienced a trauma in my life, I have several friends who have. Reading this educated me on a variety of different therapy options available. I connected with Eco therapy and Nature based therapies the most. I totally agree with the statistic that said being in nature can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. The great thing about this book is that even if you don’t feel like this method is right for you there are eight other methods to try. I highly suggest picking this up if you, or a loved one, have experienced trauma and don’t feel like talk therapy is the best option.


I, Unicorn: Use Quarantine to Get Enlightened Now by Natasha Ewendt

It is hard to find peace in this crazy time. If you are struggling with isolation or worried about an essential worker, I, Unicorn will help you overcome that anxiety.

This is a quirky, quick read with a great message. It will make you laugh. It’s only a few pages long so you can breeze through it and it will help you to feel better. As they say laughter is the best medicine. Plus, the tips that are included are helpful as well. It’s no wonder that it was an instant best seller on Kobo.com!


I hope you will pick one of these up if you are experiencing any difficulties in your life right now! Do you have any suggestions for new quarantine reads?

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