30 Days of Honesty Devotional and Rose Petals by Sara McCoy Review

Rose Petals Poetry

I don’t usually speak or blog about politics or religion. I have always felt that it is a personal subject. This time I make an exception because of the chance that bringing 30 Days of Honesty and Rose Petals to light might bring someone else the comfort they brought me.

30 Days of Honesty Review

One of my personal goals this year is to study the Bible more. I was hunting for a devotional when Sara reached out to me to review hers. I’ve read through it and I really enjoy it. I don’t know a lot about studying the Bible so it was nice to have guidance from such a wise woman. It discusses topics that apply to everyday life. I have had a hard time since the death of my grandmother in October and this brought some comfort to me. I plan to go back and do a day by day study this month because I think there is still more for me to learn even in a second read through.

Rose Petals Review

Rose Petals is a poetry book in the same vein as 30 Days of Honesty. The poems are beautiful. The topics aren’t always easy topics, but they are necessary. I believe this book would be comforting to anyone of any religious affiliation. It speaks to the human soul in a beautiful way.

For more information visit www.SaraMcCoyBooks.com

Thanks to Sara McCoy for a copy of these two books in exchange for my honest review.

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