The Bear and the Nightingale Review

The Bear and the Nightingale is stunning. The writing is beautiful. I could not put it down.

It follows the story of Vasilisa and her siblings living in the depths of Russia’s forests. Vasya grew up with tales of Frost, the winter demon. Frost is feared by most. They honor him and the demons that protect their homes form evil. Until Vasya’s father brings a new wife from forbids them from honoring the spirits. Misfortune begins to strike, causing the stepmother to grow harsher. As the village experiences turmoil, Vasya calls upon her gift to protect her family.

The books starts before Vasya is born. I really enjoyed that. It actually follows her while she grows. I think it helped me connect with her. Obviously, a lot of the action doesn’t happen until she is older but it helped me understand her powers.

Once the action started, I knew someone was being deceived but I wasn’t sure who. I ended up guessing right and I am glad.

Frost was an interesting character and I would really love to know more about him. I hope that comes in the next book. I can’t wait to continue this chilling winter series.

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