2019 Wrap Up

2019 was a great reading year for me. This is the first year that I ever tracked what I read. I joined Litsy at the end of 2018 and it inspired me to start a blog. I found out I can be a little long winded so I couldn’t get my entire review in the number of characters Litsy allows. I still absolutely love it though. It was also my first year to complete a reading challenge. I can’t wait to do another one next year! Let’s talk about stats.

Books Read: 61

5 Star Reads: 25

4 Star Reads: 17

3 Star: 12

2 Star: 7

Challenge Completed: The Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge.

5 thoughts on “2019 Wrap Up

  1. Hey!! So basically whenever I start following a blog, I subscribe to get an email every time they post. Then I just read the emails whenever I have time. Of course, then life happens and I get literally 400 posts behind but still feel the urge to read every single one soooo

    ANYWAY all that to say that I’ve totally been reading and enjoying your posts!! And now I’m all the way up to reading posts from only like three weeks ago, so I’m almost in real time! 😀 Hope you have a great reading and blogging year in 2020!!

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