Favorites of 2019

It’s finally time to talk about my favorites of 2019. I had a few surprises on this list that I didn’t expect to love. Let’s discuss.

I am not usually a classics reader. I have a handful of classics that I love. So when I picked this up on a whim I was shocked by how much I loved it. It tried to read it in high school because it was a favorite of my aunt. I dnfed it and honestly had forgotten about it until I unpacked my boxes at my new home. I picked it up to give it a try and I fell in love. Unfortunately, my aunt has passed on, but it felt like I had a little piece of her with me after I read it.

This is a last minute love. My husband gave me this for Christmas. I quickly knew it was going to be a favorite. It is everything I want in a witchy book. It is perfect for reading in winter. It pairs well with a large chai tea latte.

I feel like A House of Salt and Sorrows is so underrated. I read this in the summer and I could not put it down. I purchased it a Parnassus Books in Nashville so it has a fun sentimental value to it as well.

This is my first Leigh Bardugo book. I loved it. It was a gritty, tough fantasy to read but so worth it. I have a full review on it if you want to check it out.


This was a most anticipated of the year. It did not disappoint. When I read this it felt so real. I couldn’t believe that it was not a real band.

This was my first read of 2019. My husband gave it to me as a Christmas gift. The writing is beautiful. It is such an interesting take on Greek mythology.

That is my favorites for the year. What were some of yours?

3 thoughts on “Favorites of 2019

  1. I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed these books this year! I’ve wanted to read Circe all year but haven’t gotten around to buying it yet 😭, and I have House of Salt & Sorrows on my tbr stack!

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