The Ghost of Christmas Past by Angie Fox Review

Dessert saves the day in this A Christmas Carol retelling. Verity, a small town ghost hunter, is getting ready for a Christmas party with her boyfriend’s family when an unexpected package shows up on the porch from his disapproving mother. After having a squabble with her before the party Verity decides to stay home. Just when she thinks she is going to have a cozy night in, an unexpected ghostly visitor shows up with a mission for her. What starts as a simple animal rescue ends in a life-altering way.

I would like to think NetGalley and Moose Island Books for the opportunity to read this advanced readers copy. I really enjoyed it. A pet skunk, a mobster ghost who makes jello salad, and a family redemption plot make for a fun Christmas read. I was very shocked that I enjoyed it so much. When I first jumped in I didn’t realize it was part of a series. However, it gave plenty of background so I never really felt confused. The conflict at the beginning slightly annoyed me. I think it could have been handled in a different way, but it ending up setting up the rest of the book well. I think it is the perfect lighthearted Christmas read that isn’t focused completely on romance. It also made me want to add a pet skunk to my Christmas list, to my husband’s disapproval. It’s going to be published November 29, 2019, if you want to pick it up for the holiday season!

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